Introduction to the Object Oriented Programming Challenges

At its core, software development solves a problem or achieves a result with computation. The software development process first defines a problem, then presents a solution. Object oriented programming is one of several major approaches to the software development process.

As its name implies, object oriented programming organizes code into object definitions. These are sometimes called classes, and they group together data with related behavior. The data is an object's attributes, and the behavior (or functions) are methods.

The object structure makes it flexible within a program. Objects can transfer information by calling and passing data to another object's methods. Also, new classes can receive, or inherit, all the features from a base or parent class. This helps to reduce repeated code.

Your choice of programming approach depends on a few factors. These include the type of problem, as well as how you want to structure your data and algorithms. This section covers object oriented programming principles in JavaScript.

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