Information Security with HelmetJS - Hash and Compare Passwords Asynchronously

As a reminder, this project is being built upon the following starter project on Glitch, or cloned from GitHub.

As hashing is designed to be computationally intensive, it is recommended to do so asyncronously on your server as to avoid blocking incoming connections while you hash. All you have to do to hash a password asynchronous is call bcrypt.hash(myPlaintextPassword, saltRounds, (err, hash) => { /*Store hash in your db*/ });

Add this hashing function to your server(we've already defined the variables used in the function for you to use) and log it to the console for you to see! At this point you would normally save the hash to your database.

Now when you need to figure out if a new input is the same data as the hash you would just use the compare function, hash, (err, res) => { /*res == true or false*/ });. Add this into your existing hash function(since you need to wait for the hash to complete before calling the compare function) after you log the completed hash and log 'res' to the console within the compare. You should see in the console a hash then 'true' is printed! If you change 'myPlaintextPassword' in the compare function to 'someOtherPlaintextPassword' then it should say false.

bcrypt.hash('passw0rd!', 13, (err, hash) => {
  console.log(hash); //$2a$12$Y.PHPE15wR25qrrtgGkiYe2sXo98cjuMCG1YwSI5rJW1DSJp0gEYS'passw0rd!', hash, (err, res) => {
      console.log(res); //true

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