Introduction to Advanced Node and Express Challenges

Authentication is the process or action of verifying the identity of a user or process. Up to this point you have not been able to create an app utilizing this key concept.

The most common and easiest to use authentication middleware for Node.js is Passport. It is easy to learn, light-weight, and extremely flexible allowing for many strategies, which we will talk about in later challenges. In addition to authentication we will also look at template engines which allow for use of Pug and web sockets which allow for real time communication between all your clients and your server. Working on these challenges will involve you writing your code on Glitch on our starter project. After completing each challenge you can copy your public glitch url (to the homepage of your app) into the challenge screen to test it! Optionally you may choose to write your project on another platform but it must be publicaly visible for our testing. Start this project on Glitch using this link or clone this repository on GitHub! If you use Glitch, remember to save the link to your project somewhere safe

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