Take Home Projects - Build a Simon Game

  • Objective: Build a CodePen.io app that is functionally similar to this: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/obYBjE.
  • Fulfill the below user stories. Use whichever libraries or APIs you need. Give it your own personal style.
  • User Story: I am presented with a random series of button presses.
  • User Story: Each time I input a series of button presses correctly, I see the same series of button presses but with an additional step.
  • User Story: I hear a sound that corresponds to each button both when the series of button presses plays, and when I personally press a button.
  • User Story: If I press the wrong button, I am notified that I have done so, and that series of button presses starts again to remind me of the pattern so I can try again.
  • User Story: I can see how many steps are in the current series of button presses.
  • User Story: If I want to restart, I can hit a button to do so, and the game will return to a single step.
  • User Story: I can play in strict mode where if I get a button press wrong, it notifies me that I have done so, and the game restarts at a new random series of button presses.
  • User Story: I can win the game by getting a series of 20 steps correct. I am notified of my victory, then the game starts over.
  • Hint: Here are mp3s you can use for each button: https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound1.mp3, https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound2.mp3, https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound3.mp3, https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound4.mp3.
  • Remember to use Read-Search-Ask if you get stuck.
  • When you are finished, click the "I've completed this challenge" button and include a link to your CodePen.
  • You can get feedback on your project by sharing it with your friends on Facebook.
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