Take Home Projects - Build a Nightlife Coordination App

  • Objective: Build a full stack JavaScript app that is functionally similar to this: http://whatsgoinontonight.herokuapp.com/ and deploy it to Heroku.
  • Note that for each project, you should create a new GitHub repository and a new Heroku project. If you can't remember how to do this, revisit https://freecodecamp.com/challenges/get-set-for-our-dynamic-web-application-projects.
  • Here are the specific user stories you should implement for this project:
  • User Story: As an unauthenticated user, I can view all bars in my area.
  • User Story: As an authenticated user, I can add myself to a bar to indicate I am going there tonight.
  • User Story: As an authenticated user, I can remove myself from a bar if I no longer want to go there.
  • User Story: As an unauthenticated user, when I login I should not have to search again.
  • Hint: Try using the Yelp API to find venues in the cities your users search for. If you use Yelp's API, be sure to mention so in your app.
  • Once you've finished implementing these user stories, click the "I've completed this challenge" button and enter the URLs for both your GitHub repository and your live app running on Heroku.
  • You can get feedback on your project by sharing it with your friends on Facebook.
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