MongoDB and Mongoose - Perform Classic Updates by Running Find, Edit, then Save

In the good old days this was what you needed to do if you wanted to edit a document and be able to use it somehow e.g. sending it back in a server response. Mongoose has a dedicated updating method : Model.update(). It is binded to the low-level mongo driver. It can bulk edit many documents matching certain criteria, but it doesn’t send back the updated document, only a ‘status’ message. Furthermore it makes model validations difficult, because it just directly calls the mongo driver.

Find a person by _id ( use any of the above methods ) with the parameter personId as search key. Add “hamburger” to the list of her favoriteFoods (you can use Array.push()). Then - inside the find callback - save() the updated Person.

[*] Hint: This may be tricky if in your Schema you declared favoriteFoods as an Array, without specifying the type (i.e. [String]). In that casefavoriteFoods defaults to Mixed type, and you have to manually mark it as edited using document.markModified('edited-field'). ( - #Mixed )

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